Vision Culture at Oskaloosa Schools

What is part of the secret sauce that makes Oskaloosa Schools a premier place to work, learn, and thrive? Our Vision Culture.

Our Vision Culture is more than just a statement; it is the foundational beliefs and principles that define our way of life. Around here, our Vision Culture ensures we remain lean, focused, and committed to the right work for our kids and staff.

Our Vision Culture is based on the following foundational components:

Beliefs: Who We Are

  1. We believe in being a learning community that is for students and staff

  2. We believe in meeting the needs of all students and staff.

  3. We believe in leadership and empowerment.

  4. We believe in healthy relationships.

  5. We believe who you are is more important than what you do.

Values: Our Aspired Behaviors; who we are becoming

  1. Provide Safety

  2. Embrace Health

  3. Connect with Kindness

  4. Inspire Through Learning

  5. Operate with Efficiency

Purpose: Why We Exist

Love, Empower, and Inspire People

Mission: What Are We Doing

Engaging ALL Students to Embrace the Power of Learning

Oskaloosa Schools Vision Culture